Basic Information About Stud Welding
Stud welding replaces more traditional stud mounting technologies which often involve pre-punching, drilling, thread cutting, screw connection, stick welding, threaded inserts, etc.  Thus, stud welding is an economical fastening method for many sectors of industry.

Stud Welding Is  Easy Fast  User Friendly

  • It saves a great deal of money and time
  • It increases productivity
  • It promotes competitiveness
Take advantage of the benefits:
  • Significant cost reductions in your production thanks to instantaneous, high-quality welding of threaded and unthreaded studs, tapped studs, shear connectors, anchoring systems, etc. from 1/8" to 1 1/4" diameters onto sheet metal, pipes,sections, etc.
  • No distortion thanks to low influence of heat.
  • Hollow pieces remain leakproof.
  • The component needs to be accessible from one side only.
  • The stud welding systems and welding studs meet the highest quality requirements.

Here are the two basic types of stud welding:
    1.  Drawn Arc Stud Welding (with process variations)
    Stud welding with ceramic ferrule, inert gas stud welding, short cycle stud welding.  The drawn arc stud welding method allows welding of studs 1/8" to 1 1/4" diameter made of non-alloyed, alloyed, stainles and heat-resistant steels to suitable base materials. 

    2.  Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding   This process is suitable for welding 12 gauge through 5/16" diameter studs made of non-alloyed and stainless steel, aluminum and brass.  Learn more about capacitor discharge stud welding here.

The chart below shows additional details on these processes, stud limits, material or plate thickness limitations, and welding positions.

Stud welding with ceramic ferrule
The universal process with high reliability thanks to deep penetration and precisely calibrated weld fillet.

Capacitor discharage stud welding
Mainly used for stud connections with thin sheet metals.  Welding without marking or deforming the reverse-side of the sheet.

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