Stud Welders From Burco
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BURCO stud welding replaces more tedious, time consuming methods of attaching studs...prepunching, drilling, thread cutting, screw connection, stick welding, etc.  For virtually any gauge of metal, any type and size of stud, any number of welds per hour and any welding position, BURCO has the equipment you need.  The chart below shows our stud welding system models along with the maximum diameter stud each will accommodate.  Use this as a guide to explore the models which will best meet your requirements.  Each model number is a link to more detailed information.  If you have a very unique situation, please contact us.  We're experts and have vast experience in matching guns, welding units and other accessories to achieve specific goals.  We can also help you replace or upgrade outdated systems from TRW Nelson , Erico Jones, KSM, Omark, Cutless and many other manufacturers. 

Click on model numbers to view specific data sheets.
 Drawn Arc / Short Cycle Stud Welding Units
Model Number
Maximum Stud Diameter
  502 E Stud Welder 5/16"
  802 E Stud Welder 3/8"
  1002 E Stud Welder 1/2"
  2000 E Stud Welder  7/8"
  3000 E Stud Welder 1 1/4"
  2000-2 Stud Welder 7/8" (2) Gun
  2603 E-2 Stud Welder 1 1/4" (2) Gun
 Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding Unit
Model Number
Maximum Stud Diameter
Capacitor Discarge Stud Welders
1/4" or 3/8"
 Drawn Arc Controller
Model Number
Maximum Stud Diameter
  ST-16 Drawn Arc Controller 3/4"
If you would like to know more about the types of stud welders as well as more information on its benefits and advantages, click here.

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