Burco SW-3000E / SW-2603E-2
Drawn Arc Stud Welders
Drawn Arc Stud Welder
1-1/4" cacpacity
  • The newest generation of our most powerful stud welder
  • State-of-the-art self-contained stud welding power unit with fully controlled thyristor bridge
  • Eliminates separate controller packages
  • Microcomputer controlled
  • Storage capability for 8 welding parameter settings (SW-2603E-2)
  • Welding time setting accurate to the millisecond
  • Electronic protection, thus providing a high level of safety if the control cable is damaged
  • Multi-gun systems (up to 4 positions) (SW-2603E-2)
  • Compensation of main voltage fluctuations
  • Versatile with plenty of reserve power--cable lengths can be extended to over 600 ft.
  • Harmonized static and dynamic properties provide excellent and consistent welding results
  • Modular plug-in controls--easily set
  • Process options:

  • 1.  Stud welding with ceramic ferrule 
    2.  Short-cycle stud welding 
    3.  Inert gas stud welding (optional) 
  • Optional equipment

  • 1.  Inert gas welding kit 
    2.  Pre-heating option kit 
    3.  Process monitoring-BSPK 
  • Compact size and weight--easily moved on rubber wheels supplied
  • Safety switch off circuit
  • One year warranty

1-Gun Model

2-Gun Model
Rated output 2600 amps
Input voltage 230 / 460v, 60 Hz, 3 Ph.
RMS Input Current @ Rating 624 / 312 amps
RMS Input Current Average 197 / 99 amps
Recommended input fuse size 300 / 150 amps
Weldable stud range 1/4" (6mm) to 1 1/4" (32mm)
Output current range (adj.) 400-2600 amps
Stepless welding time range 10-1000MS
Dimensions (SW-3000E) 35" (900mm) W, 24" (610mm) L, 32" (810mm) H
Weight  (SW-3000E) 880 lbs. (400 kg)
Dimensions (SW-2603E-2) 28" (710mm) W, 47" (1200mm) L, 33" (850mm) H
Weight  (SW-2603E-2) 960 lbs. (436 kg)

Ordering information: 

    Complete BURCO SW-3000E ( 1 gun) Welding Package (Part # 52F42)
    • SW-3000E power supply unit w/1 gun capability
    • K-24-D stud gun w/6' power/control leads and tool kit
    • Ground cable and clamp package 15'

    Complete BURCO SW2603-2 Welding Package (Part # 52F10)

    • SW-2603E-2 power supply unit w/2 gun output
    • K-24-D stud gun w/6' power/control leads and tool kit
    • Ground cable and clamp package 15'

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